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Sign-on or off crew at Hai Phong, Quang Ninh Port - Viet Nam

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Nowadays, the exchange of seafarer becomes easier in Viet Nam because of the cooling down of the Covid -19 pandemic. However, ship owner, ship agent, or crew management unit should follow rules for off- & on- signing crew at any Port in Viet Nam.

            For the Vietnamese crew, before signing on or signing off any crew, ship owner or ship agent must send a notification to the health authorities, management agencies at seaports and border gates about the number of crew members on board the ship, the number of crew members entering the ship, the number of crew members leaving the ship, the expected time of change sailor. The shipowner or ship agents should complete all of the documents that are required for signing crews. After that, the sign-on crew will be allowed to onboard and vice versa. Being aware that the crew who disembark must make declarations about the travel schedule within 7 days the managements unit.

            Unlike the above case, the procedure for replacing foreign crew in Vietnam is somewhat more complicated. The ship owner or ship agent must send a notification to some relevant authorities (health authorities, management agencies at sea ports, etc…..)which contains the information of foreign crew. The signing-crew plan will have to wait for the approval of the local People's Committee and wait for the document approving the personnel of the Immigration Department about allowing the crew to enter at the border gate of the seaport where the ship is anchored. It takes three working-day to get a confirmation document.

            Some notes when sign-on or off crew at Hai Phong, Quang Ninh Port:

  • For the worldwide vessel enter port, if a vessel’s crew has had any close contact with people from shore (such as shore workers coming onboard, crew change carried out, etc) within 14 days at the previous port and offsigning is required in Vietnam’s port, quarantine inspection will be applicable upon berthing. All crew onboard will be required to take a PCR test. It takes approximately one day to receive permission for cargo operation.

  • Arrival onsigners who have visited the UK and/or South Africa in 14 days prior to arrival at the airport will be isolated for three days. There are no exceptions to this rule.

  • If the next port is China, onsigners must take a PCR test at a facility authorised by the Chinese government, otherwise the vessel will be refused entry to China ports.

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sign-on or off crew at Hai Phong Port

sign-on or off crew at Quang Ninh Port

sign-on crew at Hai Phong Port

sign-on crew at Quang Ninh Port

sign-off crew at Hai Phong Port

sign-off crew at Quang Ninh Port